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About 123 Siding Pros

123 Siding Pros is America’s most dependable source for house siding supply, installation, replacement, and repair thanks to our expansive network of siding contractors in nearly every corner of the U.S. The size of our coverage area makes it possible for people in every state to be connected to thoroughly trained, qualified, and experienced siding contractors right in their neighborhood and that has helped us develop a reputation for delivering the most reliable results possible on every project from vinyl siding installation to vinyl siding replacement. Just take a look at some quick descriptions of how 123 Siding Pros vinyl siding contractors perform projects and we’re sure you’ll consider employing us for your next house siding project.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl siding installation is the most popular project which 123 Siding Pros vinyl siders respond to. It is a relatively quick, though precise operation which begins with a color, style, and brand decisions from the homeowner. Each option presented in these decisions has its pros and cons and homeowners should be careful when considering each. For homeowners who are uncertain about which options would be best for their home, our knowledgeable and experienced siding installers would be happy to provide guidance and advice, of course.

When the homeowner has decided on a style, color, and brand of siding which they like the vinyl siding installers begin measuring the exterior surface that’s going to be worked on and cutting siding panels to fit. This requires very exact measurements and if done incorrectly could lead to issues in the future which can be both highly damaging and highly expensive to fix. The vinyl siding installers will then attach guides along the wall, followed by protective sheathes on corners and around doors and windows. This will be followed by the attachment of insulation along the surface of the wall which is what the actual vinyl siding is then nailed to.

The process of installing vinyl siding can be very demanding for inexperienced individuals and if mistakes are made it may result in need to restart the entire process. That’s why it’s advisable to contact a trained professional like those at 123 Siding Pros who can guarantee that your siding will be installed properly as well as efficiently.

Vinyl Siding Replacement and Repair

If your home’s vinyl siding becomes damaged through severe impacts or from extended exposure to unusually extreme weather conditions you may think that the process of repair or replacing the damaged panels will be costly and complicated but nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases, the vinyl siding applied to your home will be in individual panels which run horizontal or vertical around your walls. The major benefit of this is that if one or two panels become damaged than only those one or two panels need to be replaced in a process which is often quick and affordable. It is, however, very crucial to note that you should seek out the exact color, style, and brand of siding which is installed elsewhere on your house as even a reasonably similar looking panel will stand out like a sore thumb when surrounded by another hue or style. If you have trouble recalling your particular siding information contact one of our vinyl siding contractors who can lend an expert eye to the problem and help ensure that your siding repair and replacement leaves your home looking like new again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a siding contractor through 123 Siding Pros instead of another company?

All siding installers and siding contractors you are connected to through 123 Siding Pros are guaranteed to deliver the finest quality results to your home’s siding project. They are all heavily experienced in the field of home remodeling and continually receive the most up-to-date training and equipment to make sure their technique is reliable and effective. Furthermore, the expansive network that makes up 123 Siding Pros consists entirely of licensed, insured, and highly qualified siding contractors. On top of that, you will only be working with those siding installers and contractors nearest to your home, meaning that they’ll have a complete appreciation for the environmental challenges your home’s siding has to contend with. This also helps decrease your final price for the project as the contractors involved don’t have to transport materials far to perform the work.

Can I paint my vinyl siding once it has been installed?

Many homeowners wonder about this very thing and the short answer is, yes. That said, once vinyl siding is painted it is no longer as maintenance-free as it previously was. Homeowners must now perform touch-ups and repainting work on it from time to time just as they would any other painted surface. That’s why some homeowners simply elect to have a new color or style of vinyl siding applied to their home, as a replacement of the old one. In either case, if the treatment is performed correctly you can expect your home’s exterior to look great for quite some time.

How long does a vinyl siding installation take?

Vinyl siding installations can typically be performed within the span of a couple days. However, certain factors can speed up or slow down the process, including the scale of the work space, the type of siding being installed, and any unforeseen weather conditions. Vinyl siding installations can, however, be performed during any season of the year and with a professionally trained installer can be expected to maintain their quality for up to ten years.