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Your home's siding can look weathered as time passes. The elements such as wind and rain strip the materials from the siding, causing it to look poor in quality. It decreases its energy efficiency and not to mention the look of your home. The exterior of your home deserves just as much care and attention as the interior. Integrity can help in the maintenance by replacing the siding with our expert craftsmanship and unrivaled quality.

Our popular siding options include:

  • Vinyl Siding: Our first type of material is made from PVC plastic. It is an extremely durable material so it does not chip, rust, or rot. It is resistant to the elements and has a long guarantee when installed properly. It is comparably inexpensive and easy to maintain. The material is also versatile, comes in a variety of colors, and can be cut into different shapes.
  • Fiber Cement Siding: This type of siding can be used as an alternative because it can have the appearance of various types of wood. However, unlike wood, it is non-flammable, termite-resistant, and water-resistant. It is composed of cement, sand, or fly ash, and cellulose fiber. Fiber cement pricing is in between vinyl and wood.
  • Wood Clapboard Siding: Many homeowners opt out of the synthetic materials and prefer to use real wood siding. It is a popular choice, but it does require more maintenance due to the need for staining or painting. If properly cared for, this classic look can be very durable.
  • Shakes and Shingles: These siding options also offer the traditional American home look and are visually appealing. Because they are made from wood, some maintenance is required and they are more expensive then synthetics.
  • Stone Siding: Stone types can range from granite to limestone to slate, and they are all extremely durable. Although stone siding has high initial costs, you will see the benefits from your investment over the years. Additionally, there is very little maintenance associated with stone siding.
  • Brick Siding: Our last type of siding is an aesthetically pleasing one, and once it is carefully installed, has an incredible durability. Installation costs are high, but many homeowners chose brick for the attractive look and the low maintenance. It can be cut in different sizes, shapes, and colors to accommodate any homeowner.

We also do repairs.

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